Products list Computer Training: Software Design & Development: Custom Programming: IT Solutions: PC Support: Contract maintenance: Machine automation Business Solutions
Operating Systems  ( Windows)
MS Office (Word, Excel)
Web Design
Advance Web Design
Java Script
 Computer Architecture
Access Database
Visual FoxPro
Visual Basic
VisaulBasic Applications
Developer's Access
Developer's Office
C:  An Introduction
Internet/Web Application
Software Development
Digital Electronic1
Digital Electronic11

 We offer the following services,
Computer Training| IT Soluftware Design & Computer Training| IT Solutions | Software Design & Development | Research & Development  |Custom Programming | Microsoft Products Development | Most RDBMS |Machine automation

using the following Engineering tools & Technologies
C | C++ | Visual Basic | HTML | JAVA| SQL |
Fuzzy Logic | Statistical & Inference Methods | Mathematical Solution

Full Backup Support
Warranted Work Experience in:
Competitive Rates R&D
We beat any quote by at least 10% Custom programming
Downtown Toronto Location MS Office Development
Guarantee to meet dead lines RDBMSs (SQL/PL based systems e.g. Oracle etc

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* Data Entry 
* PC Support
* Contract Maintenance   
* IT solutions 
* Internet/ Web Applications
* Software Design & Development
* Custom Programming
* Code testing
* R&D 
* Application Development
*GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus) Applications