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Finest bur free piercing products: Surgical stainless steel, Gold, Titanium, Acrylic, Bioplast. Custom designs. 
Great Quality Tattoo, Piercing  and Medical Supplies    
All heavy gauge CBR/BCR are made by hand using implant grade stainless steel. .
Special offer CBR,   SS CBR Anodized  Jeweled 


Skull CBR

Sterile piercing CBR

Following Specialized Body Jewelry (D-Ring, Spring-ring, Tear drop ring, Bar-cr ) are made using implant grade stainless steel. 
D-Ring Spring -Ring Teardrop -Ring Bar-cr Vertical gem /symbol CBR Vetical gem Surface Bar
Following Barbells and a variety of attachments are available for your clients, Heavy gauges Barbells are made by hand.
Special offer  BB  BB (Barbells) Slave BB (CBR-BB) Multi stone BB  Flower BB Bio-Plast BB
BBB) Eyebrow, Navel, Hip or any curved / bent Barbell are made from implant grade stainless steel. Numerous attachments are also available.
Special offer  Cone BB BBB 2 StoneBBB 2 Hexagon BBB Multi JBBB UV Bead  BBB-cone BB BBB- BB Anodized  BBB-CBR Bioplast 
JNB/DJNB: Jeweled Navel Bars (1 or 2 stones): different size stone set in stainless steel beads and many more designs
Special offer DJNB Anodized DJNB

Multi JBBB

Navel Designs: 100s of designs in stock, click on any image for complete range

CBBs (Circular BarBells) with a variety of attachments are available to suit your clients needs, Heavy gauge CBBs are made by hand
Special offer CBB  CBB Cone CBB Multi JCBB Anodized JCBB Body Spiral Acrylic CBB Bio-plast CBB
Labret studs: 16g/14g various length bars, internal or external threading made from implant grade stainless steel.
Special offer Labret Studs  LS Cone LS JLS UV LS Metal UV LS Multi JLS Anodized LS / Cone LS Internally threaded LS Bio-plast LS
All Dermal Piercing: is made of titanium, anchor and most heads, can be pierced with either 1.5mm, 2.0mm or 3mm Biopsy Punches 
Dermal  2/3 holes dermal base Externally threaded 

Dermal bases attachments: A wide range is available

A variety of Nose Jewelry is available in finest form and in different stem width
Special offer Nose piercing  Nose Bone JNS NS ss NS ss Disc NS ss
Stretchers come in different shape, gauge and material (Stainless steel and acrylic)
Stretchers/ Insertion tapers  Acrylic Horn stretchers

Skull Stretchers

SS stretchers

Claw Stretchers

Huge range of stretchers are available
 Septum,  nipple shields and lock piercing are available to meet highly enthusiasts needs
Septum piercing  Shields piercing

Locks piercing

 Plugs comes in different shape, form, gauge and material. From Fake plugs to suit highly enthusiasts needs
Plugs  Acrylic plugs, Stainless steel plugs, Fake plugs, Stone plugs of different gauges are available
A Simple to fancy Flesh tunnels and tubes are available and made of finest materials

Flesh Tubes / Tunnels 8 Gauge and up flesh tunnels/tubes are available.
Attachments for CBR, BB, BBB, CBB, JNB/DJNB
Threaded / Indented and Jeweled Beads
All gold piercing is either 9kt and 14kt, we will be soon introducing 18kt as well as 22kt jewelry.
Gold CBR Gold  BB Gold BBB Gold  DJNB /JNB

Gold  Attachments

All Titanium piercing jewelry is made from finest material with a professional finish
Titanium CBR

Titanium BB anodized

Titanium JNB / DJNB Titanium  BBB Non anodized Titanium JNB
All piercing needles are supper sharp and bur free, comes either sterile or non sterile, IV catheters are sterile and 50 /box

Biopsy Punches for dermal piercing
Piercing Needles sterile or Non Sterile IV catheter Needles Available in 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm 
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