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 Anaesthetic| Antiseptics| Waste management | Disinfectants | Disposables | First Aid Kits | Moisturizers /Hydrants | Personal Safety (Gloves etc)| Sanitizers |Sterilizations | Wound / Scar Management |

Topical & injections


Cleans uncut skin, Alcohol & specialized products.


Hand sanitizers, wipes etc

Specialized products to disinfect Surfaces, articles & instruments. 


Personal Safety
Gloves, Masks, Dental bibs etc


Moisturizers /Hydrants
Lubricating / petroleum jelly etc

First Aid Kits 
Kits for every office/ studio/shop/home

Coming soon

Clinical waste management


Wound / Scar Management 
Gauze pads, Iodine pads,
Alcohol swabs, BZK towellette,
Micropore tape  etc

Sterilization packaging for (articles, needles, tips/tubes, grips, instruments), aids, Spore test,  etc

Cleaning supplies 
Hand wash etc

Coming soon 


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